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How to install Face Time on Windows and Mac

Though there are many messaging apps, only a few for video calling, if you are searching for video calling apps in Android, there are thousands out there, but it’s not the same with Windows and iOS. If you are looking for video calling apps for Android, Google Duo, and iOS Face Time, there are many…

By admin January 12, 2020 0

How To Get Rid of Red Screen on Windows 10

The red screen of death is another fatal problem which might ruin your computer, that you don’t know to fix it correctly. It crashes your system and doesn’t allow any modifications and just stops accepting any commands from the keyboard and mouse. Once the error appears you cannot do anything when the red screen appears.…

By admin January 24, 2019 0

How to Upload HD Videos to Facebook from Desktop

In this guide we have listed the complete steps to upload the HD photos and videos from Android, Desktop and iPhone. Using the desktop web browser, getting the same quality photos and videos for uploading on Facebook to be the same as the source had always been simple. The quality of the videos you upload gets…

By admin January 19, 2019 0