How to counter and defeat poison type pokemon

How to counter and defeat poison type pokemon

December 14, 2019 0 By admin

If you are a die-hard fan of Pokemon, you would know that each Pokemon falls under a specific type. Each type specifies its strengths and weakness against other types. Its effectiveness is one of the essential factors to consider while playing the game.

If you are new to the game, probably, you might have no idea to defeat the Poison-type Pokemon. With Poison type Pokemon Weakness chart, one can pre analyze the competitor pokemon and win the battle.

In this article, we have shared with you some info on how to defeat the Poison-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Poison-type Pokemon

The Poison-type Pokemon have a natural toxic quality. Most of the Poison-type pokemon are based on poisonous animals like Drapion, Seviper, a Scorpion, a centipede, etc. These are very effective against Grass-type pokemon. But, these Poison-type pokemon are weak against Steel, Ground, Ghost and Poison.

How to counter and defeat Poison-type Pokemon?

Poison-type Pokemon are aggressive and weak. They are aggressive against Grass-type Pokemon. In the entire game, there are three massive Poison-type Pokemon. In case, if you have any one of them, you will basically fury powder and take counters all day and win at the end.

Though the Poison-type looks very cool, it is one of the weakest types in Pokemon. These Pokemon are weak against Poison, Rock, Ghost and Ground. On the other hand, Psychic and Ground types are super effective against the Poison-type Pokemon.

Furthermore, one of the unpleasant dreams of Poison-type is a Steel-type Pokemon. Generally, the Poison-type Pokemon attacks will not do any harm to the other Pokemon types especially to Steel types who are entrenched.

If you are a Ground-type Pokemon, you can counter and defeat the Poison-type Pokemon in your game. Ground-type Pokemon counter-attacks are twice as effective against the Poison Pokemon, hence, they can be done often while playing. So, these are all the info that you need to go out and there and win.

Strength and Weakness of Poison-type Pokemon

  • Strong against – In Pokemon, the Poison-type Pokemon are strong against Grass and Fairy types.
  • Weak against – The Poison-type Pokemon are weak against Ground, Ghost, Steel, Poison, and Rock types.
  • Resistant to – The Poison-type are super effective to Poison, Grass, Fairy and Fighting types.
  • Vulnerable against – Poison-type Pokemon are vulnerable against Ground and Psychic types.

Bottom lines

Hope we have given an idea to defeat Poison-type Pokemon to win your game. If you have any better idea to counter and defeat the Poison-type, share it with us!